I have more than 20 years of experience playing bass and teaching music. I graduated in 2002 from the Escuela de Música Contemporánea in Buenos Aires, Argentina, part of the Berklee International Network.

Bass Lessons

For whom?

Everyone from beginners to advanced players, in English.

What can you learn?

Whatever you are aiming for. Lessons are customized to your personal goals and what I, as teacher, consider best for your development as a musician.

- Technique: how to play bass using fingers, slap, tapping, chords, strumming, double thumb, harmonics, chord melodies, and more.
- Practical knowledge: scales, notes, musical theory apllied to bass.
- Harmony: learn chords, how they relate to each other, how to create great melodies.
- Composition: create basslines, compose a full song, sections, arrangements, how to interact with a drummer.
- Improvisation: gain security while improvising, introduce fills in your playing, how to aproach a solo, what scales, arpeggios to use, and more.
- Reading and writing music: height and rhythm, pentagram, bass and treble clef.
- Perception and comunication: how to listen, what to listen, how to interact with other musicians.

Harmony Lessons

for whom?

Every musician, online in English

What will you learn?

- Basic harmony concepts
- Triads, seventh chords, extended chords
- Major and minor scale harmonization
- Harmonic analisys
- Harmonic functions
- Secondary dominants
- Greek modes
- 2-5 structure
- Substitute dominants (tritonal substitution)
- Modal harmony
- Modal interchange (borrowed chords)
- Modulation
- Diminished chords
- Tensions
- Constant structures
- Poly chords
- Hybrid chords
- Melodic analysis

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